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Sunday, August 5, 2012

0 Time Capsule: I Live On

Title:  I Live On
Date:  between 04/07/92 and 01/28/93
Setting:  Junior year of high school
Form:  Free Verse

I am but a mere image.
I live through others’ memories.
In their mind, in their soul,
My place is in their heart.
I am nothing but a mirage.
I exist through others’ feelings.
In their love, in their anger,
My presence is in their tears.
I am no more than a grain of salt.
I strive through those I touched.
In their lives, in their existence,
My being is within them.

Notes:  This piece was most likely written in December or January.  It was written during basketball season.  I recall this because the boy's basketball coached passed away during the season.  

Artifact I:  An initial copy with a minor change from the original marked.