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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 Irrational Illusions

Irrational Illusions

social endeavors
breed paranoid delusions
in whispers and taunts
unheard words that brush the neck
tickles which incite
involuntary cringing
where shoulders rise up
a manner of protection
from something not there
surroundings push in
like walls closing all around
stealing breath from lungs
while tears push to the surface
where clenched teeth push back
striving to maintain control
a steel composure
to protect from eyes not there
now the fight expands
to new social arenas
where fingertips touch the world
in fresh mediums:
chats, blogs, tweets, podcasts, emails…
an unending list
ripe for paranoid fancy
steeped in social angst
no longer felt in whispers
nor in “watching” eyes
but rather in the silence
a painful echo
driving irrational thoughts
emails of boycotts
meant to explain still voices
tweets unretweeted
reinforce perceived lacking
as the world shrinks in
the pressure expands tenfold
crushing from the inside out

i wasn't sure when i started this that it would end where i had intended it to start...i thought it would simply follow a parallel line of thought and i'd have to come back to the original thought in another piece. but it found its way back...strange really how things find there way. although technically i did not make way into the intended conclusion...just to the beginning...which i'm sure makes no sense to anyone but me since only i know the original intent.

anyway...this is my offerings for this weeks OpenLinkNight over at the dVerse~Poets Pub, an extraordinary place were an eclectic group of individuals come together to share and celebrate poetry.


  1. intersting progression from social anxiety IRL to the web...and waiting for someone to acknowledge your words....nice piece

  2. this reads like a nicely edited stream of consciousness..which make some of the best poetry around..
    lots of good thoughts here..
    much enjoyed..

  3. social anxiety is so racing and feels out of control (at least in my experience) and you have captured that essence well here. nicely penned.

  4. "tweets unretweeted" is such an unexpectedly poetic line! I also love the last line.

  5. The way this unfolded almost made me short of breath and definitely created a feeling of anxiety.

  6. I like where this ended up... it is a great progression to the world of social media.