My newest adventure is underway. It has lead me to take up residency in a new blog,
Like the Feathers of an Arrow (affectionately known as LFA).

...don't open...don't throw away... is not disappearing completely (not yet),
but postings here will be limited.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

0 with just a smile...

She smiles at him, waits for him to meet her eye, watches his lips curl into a sexy little smile of his own, and then lowers her gaze in a shy eyelash fluttering way.  As she watches him through her lashes, she knows he's hooked.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4 just a lingering hint

just a tiny little taste
a hint of what might be
lingers on my lips
just a brief intoxicating whiff
a hint of what could be
lingers in my mind
just a small tender touch
a hint of what might be
lingers on my cheek
just the thought of your sweet simple kiss
brings a hint of a sparkle to my eyes and sheen to my lips
signs that belie the lingering feelings of lust

This weeks post was inspired by Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>hint, lust, sheen]. At first, I thought to try my hand once again at a Palindrome Poem, but one semi-successful attempt does not an expert make, especially when the post must include three specific word. So after getting about five lines including only one of the words (two if you count the turn around word, but seeing as how I had yet to find the link between the lines I don't really count it), I conceded defeat.  I'm not giving up on my desire to master this interesting poetic form, just waiting for the right flow of words to hit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

0 darling

fade not, do brightly burn
forever embrace me, hold tightly
tightly hold me, embrace forever
burn brightly, do not fade

i took a shot at writing a palindrome...not really sure it works...not really sure i like it...