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Saturday, April 30, 2011

1 month of poeming--reflection

today is the 30th and final day of National Poetry Month, as well as the last day of a ruleless (or single rule ruled) posting. i technically still have my last poem to write, but i thought i'd take a moment to reflect on the past month...

being a math person, we'll start with the numbers...

Total # of poems posted here over the past month = 37

Inspiration Count:
Poetic Asides = 15
Three Word Wednesday = 5
Jingle Poetry = 3
OSP (Form Monday) = 3
OSP (One Shot Wednesday) = 3
OSP (Friday Poetically) = 1
OSP (One Shoot Sunday)= 4
Uninspired Count = 9

(for those of you who can add, five poems overlap in the inspiration count)

Poetic Forms Toyed With Count:
oddquain = 1
clarity pyramid = 1
etheree = 1
blitz = 1
shadorma = 3 (though technically one probably shouldn't count 'cause it is backwards)
septolet = 1
wrapped refrain = 2
sedoka = 1
my own created form = 1
(again for those who can add, the total falls below the total, 'cause i'm partial to free verse)

now that the counts are has been an exhausting month. thankfully, there was no shortage of inspiration (that of others or my own)...of course i still have one more poem to go...

though this is not a typical batch, i thought this a good time to also share the seven tweetoetries that were produced over the course of this month. (i'll repost them appropriately in the next 'batch' with the correct number and their yet to be decided titles.)

#a (septolet)

your whispering
awakens me

i melt
into the delicious flavor
of your kiss


words dance across my tongue
drawing you in
with the slow seductive curve of my lips
as they dance to the rhythm of my heart

#c (septolet)

dry eyes
with unshed tears

revolting tears
stage a coup
raging emotions


in a world
I did not ask for
how do I find my way back
back into nonexistence
where I can be free
to at last

#e (haiku)

shades of white--pink hues
spring buds on long dormant limbs
opening my soul

#f (haiku)

pink teardrops descend
pooling beneath weeping trees/
nourishing new life

#g (tanka)

I wish that I knew
how to be on the inside
a part of the world
I'm always on the outskirts
a hell of my own making

well....that's all for now. time to start thinking about today's poem...