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Friday, February 15, 2013

4 CIHTD?: G(r)in & Tonic

Artist:  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Album:  Live
Genre:  Jazz

Notes:  It's been about 10 years since I was introduced to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  I had a student who had learned I liked big bang music and told me I should check them out.  He definitely wasn't wrong.  There is part of me that when I listen to this song am not 100% sure who the "you" is in this.  I can't decide if he's talking to someone or if the you is the drink in his hands.  Either way, it definitely is a catchy tune.

G(r)in & Tonic 
I drank away my sorrow
drown my dreams of tomorrow
focusing on you -- only you --
and what might be tonight  
Pour me another 
We click our glasses together
clear our minds of whether
there's more to us -- to this --
than what might be tonight 
Just leave us the bottle 
You steal away my troubles
stir an emotion that bubbles
around me -- surrounds me --
and what might be 
You're my last drink of the night

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

15 Last Call: Love's Allure

Love's Allure

Love is pain and sorrow wrapped in disguise;
I hear its sweet whispers calling to me.
"Come to me my dear.  Love is all you need."
And every time I fall into its trap,
it laughs at me with its seductive lies.

For far too long my heart has run carefree
unwilling to be tamed--that is until
I heard your sweet whispers calling to me.

With your enchanting words my world did still.
"Come my darling; my love is all you'll need."
Ensnared by this intoxicating thrill--

so easily--I fell into your trap.
I bared all of me and you drank your fill
then pulled back leaving my heartstrings to snap.

Love laughs at me with those seductive lies
knowing my heart has longed to be set free.
So softly, love calls, "I am all you need!"
then tugs waiting for my heartstrings to snap.
Love is pain and sorrow wrapped in disguise.

Inspiration for this piece comes from a pom seed written quite some time ago.  Due to syllable count, I had to modify it slightly (replacing intoxicating with seductive), but I did manage to get my original word back into the piece in another spot.

This is the second time I've toyed with the expanded nota.  I'm not really sold on this piece.  Not 100% sure what exactly bugs me.  I think part of it might be that the first and last stanza address love as a whole, while I chose to have the middle sections focus on a specific someone.  I'm not sure they blend so well.  I'll have to think on it, but for now it is what it is.

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