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Friday, February 15, 2013

4 CIHTD?: G(r)in & Tonic

Artist:  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Album:  Live
Genre:  Jazz

Notes:  It's been about 10 years since I was introduced to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  I had a student who had learned I liked big bang music and told me I should check them out.  He definitely wasn't wrong.  There is part of me that when I listen to this song am not 100% sure who the "you" is in this.  I can't decide if he's talking to someone or if the you is the drink in his hands.  Either way, it definitely is a catchy tune.

G(r)in & Tonic 
I drank away my sorrow
drown my dreams of tomorrow
focusing on you -- only you --
and what might be tonight  
Pour me another 
We click our glasses together
clear our minds of whether
there's more to us -- to this --
than what might be tonight 
Just leave us the bottle 
You steal away my troubles
stir an emotion that bubbles
around me -- surrounds me --
and what might be 
You're my last drink of the night


  1. Funny, I was thinking of having a G&T tonight. First time in many a year.

  2. is there ever a last drink until there is a last college i drank way too much...on the other hand it makes for a great metaphor as well...smiles.

  3. Last drink...pour me another ~ Too many of us drink away our sorrows ~ Creative title too ~