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Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 Time Capsule: In the Eyes of a Friend

Title:  In the Eyes of a Friend 
Date:  09/30/02 
Setting:  Life after college--during second post-college job
Form:  Free Verse 
In the Eyes of a Friend
In the eyes of a friend
you see yourself
a reflection
glorious and beautiful
surrounded by hopes and dreams
glowing in a light
of happiness and love
In the arms of a friend
you find yourself
snug and tight
comforted by a warmth and gentleness
strengthened in a presence
of security and love
In the heart of a friend
you find yourself
smiling and laughing
held fast by thoughts of the future
wrapped in a love
that will withstand the test of time
In the tired wrinkled eyes of a friend
you will see yourself
young and beautiful
surrounded by memories
glowing in a light
of everlasting love.

Notes:  Two weeks ago for my Time Capsule post I dug up a poem called A Wedding Song:  a poem for two voices.  I noted that the year I wrote this included two wedding; my friend for whose wedding I was prompted to write it and my brother's.  While I gave both couples a copy of the poem, I felt the need to write something else for my sister-in-law.  Since, I have used this poem a couple of times for homemade cards to celebrate either a bridal shower or wedding.  

This poem was written 10 years ago today.  That means that both couples will be celebrating their 10th year together.  Their eyes are not quite tired and wrinkled, but still the love there within them glows.  

Artifact I:  The original write where all the you's were I's and the yourselfs were myselfs.