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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 Time Capsule: --Dancing & --Messy Jessie

Title:  --Dancing  & --Messy Jessie
Date:  between 11/21/97 and 02/01/98
Setting:  Senior year of college
Form:  Not a Limerick

There was a young man from France
Who didn’t know how to dance.
He went to a fair
On his lovely mare
And boogied when struck by a lance.

--Messy Jessie
There once was a girl named Jessie
Whose hair was very messy,
Until one day
In the middle of May
She met the lockness, Nessie.

Notes:  I wrote this long before I ever truly explored meter in form.  I had a basic understanding that there had to be a certain type of beat that went with limericks when I attempted these two quite pitiful (meter-wise) entities.  As far as meter is concerned, I did not really explore that until I wrote my first sonnet about eight years or so ago.  Even that was only a brief meeting.  Not until this blog did I begin to really delve into meter.

As for limericks, this past month or so I came across a blog (Mad Kane's Humor Blog) that challenge readers to partake in a little limerick fun.  It was from here that I realize how truly awful my initial attempts were.  Since these two, I have written three limericks that fit the form a bit better.  It is definitely an interesting form.

Artifact I:  Original writing (torn from a notebook I used for one of my college classes)

Artifact II - IV:  Limericks inspired by challenge