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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9 Last Call: I'm Not A Robot

I'm Not A Robot by rmpWritings

I'm Not A Robot

31 oodroo
cellecta 950
lipshi (there should be a tz tacked on to the end of that for the fun of it) 50

Seriously!  Am I actually supposed to be able to read that?
poleleg 46

Damn spammers! 
ofaxter 11

21 directur
xpleade 2
laitives 28

Who on earth takes these pictures?
Have they ever heard of a focus?
Is that an eight?
9 whitied

Really, my brain and these letters are working on different wave lengths.
71 perfeso

20 drendem
minarry 24
sesterc 16

Ahh...letters using pointillism...
11 edsmory
13 suppast
sysfyi 369

I swear word verifications were not this insane before.
Spamming programs keep upping the ante.
46 beenbid

One day computers will be able to read this better than me...
To bad I'm not a robot.
20 ersevan

furtsUp 24

I know...I use word verification here on my own blog; so should I really be riffing on it?  I do understand the purpose of it, but some of those crazy waves of letters are absolutely insane.  When they first started this whole word verification thing, I do not remember them being as insane as they are now.  And what happens when computers are trained to recognize the letters and numbers better than our human eyes can?

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.  


  1. You made me laugh, but really--how much spam do we really get? I turned off my WV when they changed to this number-letter blurr crap, and I've had exactly ONE spam message the normal filters didn't catch and put in the spambox. It's insane, and to me, a bit pointless. But, enjoyed your take regardless. And happy 25 iciffnrv to you.

  2. oh please riff on it...i cant stand it...sorry...i have verification on posts over 7 days is very rare a spam comment gets through the filter on a newer take on it...but please lets get rid of it...its so hard to read now too...

  3. I'm with hedge...and my eyes can't sort them until I refresh about 33 times. I can usually see the numbers but what's with distorting the letters and why should I care if bots read my poetry. Hurrah for them, who doesn't want a skeleton robot...reckon they'd come with a Craig Ferguson. That might be just fine! Enjoyed was fun! The picture below is 6VIV rsebru. and maybe a j..we shall see. Ooops guess it's 20 estalsso.

  4. I am laughing but I am also near-blind from trying to decipher these things so yeah, please cease and desist

  5. Turn it off...turn it off....its hurting my eyes...see, i missed it for the first time...

  6. This is great. I think the same things b/c trying to decipher the code gives me a big headache... in more ways than one.

    Code for this comment:

    hrawas 266

  7. I think maybe the computers are already there. It always takes me two or three tries to get through.

  8. lol. the fact you use it makes it all the better. Perfect. But I enjoy little things like that though. Really great job using them in the poem, and equally great responses and personality coming into focus as you go through the process. Fun.

  9. I agree with the above comments about the annoying and useless bot feature, as spam for me has been non-existent. But your poem is dang funny.

    26hurerv...definitely had to squint on this one...