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Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Can I Have This Dance?: Rainbow Dreams

Title:  Wonderful
Artist:  Everclear
Album:  Songs from an American Movie Vol. 1:  Learning How To Smile
Genre:  Rock

Rainbow Dreams
She falls asleep
to clashing voices
rocking her home
like a vicious hurricane.
She wakes
to orange juice
poured by glassy eyes
hiding behind an acid smile.
"Everything will be wonderful"
echoes in her ears
a hollow promise
as she leaves.
"Everything will be wonderful"
steers her actions
a blatant lie
as she plays.
She returns home
to a turbulent storm
forcing her to take refuge
with closed doors and headphone.
She falls asleep
to rainbow dreams
carrying her away
to a wonderful someday.


  1. Closed door and headphones really struck a chord.. Sometimes it's the only way to chase a rainbow dream..Jae

  2. this makes me think of adolecence....not feeling understood and everything seems like a hollow promise....just trying to tune it out to the headphones and music....

  3. I agree with Jae...and turn it up loud! :)

  4. Those rainbow dreams are hard to catch. The closer you get, the further they move away.

  5. Oh dear - this is very poignant - the blocking out of the world with the headphones - the blocking of the storm. k.