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Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Can I Have This Dance?: How much darker will it get?

Title:  Keep Believing
Artist:  Ryan Shupe and the Rubber
Album:  Brand New Shoes
Genre:  Rock

How much darker will it get?
The dawn taunts--just out of reach.
This resolve buried deep within holds strong
waiting for the light to flourish from the outside in,
but how much longer can it possible last?
There is no nightlight here.
Lost in the dark, dreams take hold--
an endless pattern of magic, love, angels,
family, friends and miracles.
But this fight within longs for dreams
to end and reality to see the light of day. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 Lies Hidden in Certainty

Do not fall prey
to his quick words
spoken in a tone
of absolutes
for nestled deep
within his fast
reply lies truth-
less facts.

Note:  My father has--in his infinite wisdom--taught me that when someone asks a question if you answer quickly with confidence in your voice, whether it's truth or not, they will believe you.  He does not use this trick with malice and often if you wait long enough his facial expression will give it away. 

This is my Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>absolute(s), fall, nestle(d)] inspired piece for the week.  If you get a chance, check out how some other talented writers twist these words into life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6 Last Call: The First That Wasn't

The First That Wasn't by rmpWritings

The First That Wasn't

Is is possible to know heartache
when you have never known love? 

My reflection stares back at me

I think back to the us that wasn't;

might I be different
had you stopped talking about 'what-ifs'
and just took action?
might I see myself different
had you not opened your mouth with words
but opened mine with yours?

Was this the beginning of the end
when there was no beginning to start with?

I think back to the first kiss that wasn't
searching for an answer,
searching for a scapegoat.

My reflection stares back at me;
sorrowful eyes searching within me
pondering 'what-ifs'
instead of taking action.

Is it possible to know love
when you've never known heartache?

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

1 Time Capsule: A Wedding Song--a poem for two voices

Title:  A Wedding Song -- a poem for two voices
Date:  02/16/02
Setting:  Life after college--during second post-college job
Form:  Free verse -- Poem for two voices

Should he but
touch her face

Should she but
whisper his name
and she melts
and he melts

They are drawn

to one another
to one another

she stands before him

he stands before her
with her heart
wide open

with his soul
to bare

No words can express

No token can reveal
the bond they share

but for today
but for today

As she gazes into
his eyes and speaks

As he smiles back
at her and speaks
They unite as one
They unite as one


their lives
to one another
to one another

Should he but
say her name

Should she but
smile his way
and she melts
and he melts

even more

in love
with one another
with one another

(Technical) Notes:  In order to get this to line up right, I had to use tables.  I'm not sure how that will effect the appearance of this on mobile devices.  The layout is extremely important to the way this poem is intended to be read.  Each column is a different person.  Anytime a line appears on the same  line in both columns, the lines are read together.  To make this easier here, I have altered the color of the lines read simultaneously.

Notes:  I attended two weddings this year.  One of my high school friends got married and my brother got married.  I wrote this for my friend.  I did end up writing another poem specifically for my brother and his wife, but I still gave them a copy of this one.

This was my first attempt at writing a poem meant to be read by two voices.  I think when I first started teaching, I came across a book called Math Talk:  mathematical ideas in poems for two voices.  The whole idea seemed quite interesting to me and took two things I loved and put them together:  math and poetry.

I have since attempted writing another poem for two voices.  It was also supposed to be an attempt at writing a sonnet.  (It would have been my third.)  The sonnet part didn't really work.  I totally muffed the iambic meter and the second line ended up with two extra syllables.  Granted I didn't quite realize it at the time.  But it did turn out to be a decent poem for two voices.

Artifact I:  Original hand-written poem

Artifact II:  The final product that I created for my friend and sister-in-law.