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Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 Time Capsule: New Year's Resolution & New Year's Resolution: Counterparts

Titles:  New Year's Resolution & New Year's Resolution: Counterparts
Date:  between 12/01/04 and 01/11/05 and 01/03/06 (respectively)
Setting:  Life after college--during second post-college job
Form:  Free verse
New Year's Resolution
Meet a man
Get plastered
Sing Karaoke
Go skinny-dipping
Fall in love   
Not necessarily in that order
Plastered seems the logical start
giving enough courage to break into song
loosing enough inhibitions to disrobe
finding enough moxie to flirt
loosening up enough to let someone in
Yeah, that definitely may take a drink or two

New Year's Resolution:  Counterparts
Reinstate Poetry-List Emails
Refocus on writing my next great novel
if the poetry’s going to suck
the story might as well be good.
Watch all unopened movies in collection
go to the movies alone
if I can watch a movie at home by myself
then surely I can manage a theater ‘alone’.
Be more social
Only each chocolate on days that end in ‘sday’
if I’m going to have to deal with people
I can’t give up my sugar high completely.

Notes:  I thought with the new year knocking on the door it would be a good idea to revisit these two pieces.  They were written a year apart from each other.  Both consist of a shortlist of resolutions.

Artifact I:  The email of New Year's Resolution:  Counterparts I sent out after reinstating my Poetry-List Emails.