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Friday, January 4, 2013

4 CIHTD?: I'm Still Waiting for My Storybook Ending

Artist:  Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
Album:  Brand New Shoes
Genre:  Rock

Notes:  So I got to the third stanza at the "of magic..." part when I felt a little itch of familiarity.  A quick little search and I discovered that this is not the first time this song brought inspiration; I wrote a poem, How much darker can it get?, back in September.

I'm Still Waiting for My Storybook Ending
I find it hard to believe
in love at first sight
when love is blind.
I find it hard to believe
that everything will be alright
when sometime alright is not being alright.
Still I dream
with every bone in my body
with every breath that I take
I still dream
of magic and love
of angles and family
of friends and miracles
I find it hard to believe
anyone will ever read my story,
open me up, and find the beauty
lying within.
I find it hard to keep fighting
when every bone in my body
says to let go.
Still I dream
in the pitch black that engulfs me
waiting for the dawn.

An Aside:  I had intended this to occur during my Time Capsule post on Sunday, but I got sucked into writing some lunes after being introduced to them over at dVerse Poets Pub.  I even had a poem in mind for Sunday's post.  (Who knows, maybe I'll still use it.)  Anyway, this is my 500th post (WooHoo!!), which I'm making just shy of ...don't open...don't throw away...'s three year anniversary.  No worries, I have another "the past... the future..." post planned out for that day.  Smiles!!


  1. Dreams...they make people go on and hope even when life is at its most difficult. When one stops dreaming, despair sets in.

    Yours is a beautiful poem. :-)

  2. keep is what keeps us is sad to see those that have stopped after taking enough may not be storybook, but there is life to be had...

  3. Those angels are watching over you... never forget that!