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Friday, November 2, 2012

4 Can I Have This Dance?: Sick of Being

Title:  Extraordinary Girl
Artist:  Green Day
Album:  American Idiot
Genre:  Alternative & Punk
Sick of Being
I saw your reflection in the mirror;
my breath caught while the faintest of smiles
crossed your lips as our eyes met - so transfixed
by those beautiful glistening eyes full
with unshed tears - fears that tear at your heart. 
You're an extraordinary girl
trapped in an ordinary world
with no way for you to escape. 
That smile so rare steels my heart to the core
as it fades as quickly as it appeared.
So lost, for a split second, knowing (nay)
believing in the beauty that reflects
back - a thought so foreign, so out of sorts. 
You're an extraordinary girl
trapped in an ordinary world
with no way for you to escape. 
I saw your refection in the mirror,
caught the pain escaping your eyes - haunting
your essence.  How is it that the idea
you might posses - embody - such a word
like beautiful rips your insides apart? 
You're an extraordinary girl
trapped in an ordinary world;
Oh how I wish to finally
      escape my own reflection. 

Notes:  So I heard the first lines of this song and didn't really need to hear anymore to know what I was going to write.  Strangely I also found home for words that long ago came to mind:

I saw your reflection in the mirror and had to catch my breaththe faintest of smiles crossed your lips as our eyes metyou transfixed me with those beautiful eyes glistening with unshed tears

Wednesday, October 31, 2012



make-up artists craft
false appearances of
sallow for Halloween fun

"every surface is a canvas."

So Halloween has officially been postponed to Monday, November 5th. Still I figured I couldn't let it pass without a mention. I have entwined it within...yes, you guessed it...I mean what else am I going to do on the last Wednesday of the month,but...a clarity pyramid.

I did have an alternative for the last line, while I figured it fit the form better, the above seemed to better fit the poem itself.  The alternative:  "inspiration on canvas."  Who knows...maybe I'll change my mind.
Additional inspiration cones this week from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=false, illustrate, sallow]. Check out how some of the other talented writers employ these three simple words.

7 Last Call: 8:20 (when the lights went out)

8:20 (when the lights went out)

Doom does glow as moon’s ascent in full
bloom awakens earth’s unnatural
winds; their eerie howl infused with pain
kindles fear in hearts—it’s beat like rain
pounding down. 
                                   An evening full of dread
drowns out hope as lights do flicker dead.
Noise finds purchase – amplified – as dark
toys with raw emotions bound to spark.
Lightning flashes rattling each nerve
fighting hard for sleep’s sweet hold to curb –
numb – the raging thoughts. 
           As winds do moan
slumber grows into a distant groan.

A Storm Aside:  Yesterday, as Sandy pounded steadily on my doorstep, I took a moment to reminisce with a poem written in the darkness of Irene.  While inspiration for the poem (Winds of Emotion) had come from a Poetics prompt there was no doubt the storm played a role in its conception.  So it is no surprise, as I sat in the flickering light of candles, the storm managed to creep into my thoughts.  Unlike last time, I waited until the light of day to put this verse together.

A Form Aside:  Though I was not crazy enough this time to employ the sestina form (which was my form of choice during Irene), I did choose to toy with form.  This is written in Framed Couplets (with some extra line breaks thrown in for fun).

A Now Aside:  So no go on the power yesterday...or today.  Luckily the roads were clear enough for me to invade my friend.  My feet are now nice and toasty.  I hoping for like seven than ten day without power...

I'm going to try to make my way around at the pub, but with no power at home and horrid mobile service...

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

1 Time Capsule: Night of Spooks

Title:  Night of Spooks
Date:  between 10/11/97 and 11/21/97
Setting:  senior year of college - near Halloween
Form:  free verse (see notes)

Notes:  I really don't have to note the reason for selecting this poem for today, so I'll avoid the urge.

I did not begin exploring poetic form until way after college.  Until exploring my first sonnet (see--Time Capsule:  C Your Way Out of It), I honestly do not think I knew anything (formal) about meter.  I say formal because (obviously) there is no doubt that being exposed to poetry (especially children's poetry) you can hear the rhythm.  Anyway, while this is free verse, you can hear a rhythm.

Artifact I:  Copy of the first typed image...with far too many periods.