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Saturday, September 4, 2010

0 it's not about who, but why...

two weeks ago, i came across Six Word Saturday.  i didn't find mine until Sunday.  [social anxiety follows me into cyberspace.]  though they did not find their way to me in time, they did give birth to a poem.  i found my next set of six on Thursday...[I don't like who I am.] Saturday i was lost to them.  only remnants of them lie in a poem untold.  so now i find myself yet again staring at another Saturday and a feeling that has been plaguing me all day.  it didn't take much effort to put into six words...

not who, but why am I?

if read correctly, it may seem a bit unnerving.  i'm obviously not in a good place at the moment...but i have an amazing talent for rebounding.  I know this too shall pass.  (that is also six words; go figure.)

i decided to pull together the remnants and tell the untold...the idea is six six words, although technically the title would make seven...

I Don't Like Who I Am

Today, I looked closely at myself.
I reflected on who I was;
I picked apart who I am;,
pondered who I wished to be.
what I found was quite disturbing.
how do i correct my path?

0 Smile & Breathe

with the start of a new year, i thought it a good idea to set forth a new resolution.  in reflecting lately, i have found that i don't like who i have become.  i have lost my hopeful, idealistic, and encouraging self.  instead i find that i nitpick and have become more judgmental and jaded.  so my goal is to try to let things go--not allow them to take over me and fester in me.  i have to be more positive.  i have found it not to be an easy task.  every time i turn around someone seems to be trying my patience.  the retorts and annoyance bubbles up within me like a switch has been flipped.  

in an effort to control things within me, i have developed a new mantra that i find myself using quite often.  "Smile and Breathe."  i don't know if it working, but time will tell.