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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 Connections


I wonder how your brain works
how you connect things
like organized chaos
you bring words together
a symphony
of the oddest thoughts and ideas

I wonder what the world sounds like to you
how you see connections
with instinctive knowledge
you bring music to life
a painting
of the most unique tones and texture

I wonder how your eyes take in their surroundings
how you hear connections
through inconsistent cohesion
you bring images together
a poem
of the most intriguing subjects and structure

this little ditty came from out of nowhere...though not really.  i am often amazed and awed by the extraordinary talent that walks through the doors at dVerse~Poets Pub...maybe more so with the fact that the giant shepherd's hook hasn't dragged me from the stage yet.  thinking of those individuals brought the first verse quite naturally from my pencil.

upon recording, i felt like it didn't quite it needed something more.  (it really is amazing how things can sound one way in your head and another when you speak them.)  so i thought to add:
I wonder how I might be able to
as seamlessly as you
but after pondering this verse and whether the middle three lines needed more, i decided to give the original poem another read (aloud).  what i discovered was that a change in my tone could easily give it a complete feel.  of course now i have this extra verse and am not sure if i should include it or leave it out.  so for now i think i'll let it stand as is.

this is my contribution for tonight's OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub.

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Winds of Emotion

i obviously missed the deadline (power just returned a few minutes ago after being off for approximately 18 hours...not to bad considering what some have to deal with...) anyway, here is the poem--including my little rambling that often accompanies a poem--that i typed up yesterday (ready to copy and paste should power have returned before midnight). while i believe the power outage may have been a sign, i will still post the poem (especially after laboring over it so) and ignore the Fates.

Winds of Emotion

I see into the eye of every storm.
Before a glint is ever seen, I feel
its repercussions move along their course.
Each storm’s unique conception plays a role;
designing futures good and bad for all
who lie within the path of eager winds.

I watch emotions rise and fall like winds
intense enough to spark the smallest storm.
They build beneath the surface drawing all
their energy from everything we feel
‘til they explode. Uncertain of their role
accumulating clouds set out their course.

I find myself in tune with emotion’s course;
where no on else can see these magic winds
my radar charts each cloud’s important role.
These swirling colors help me chase the storm--
for red and blue and pink each has a feel.
Of anger…heartache…joy…I know them all.

I watch as red unfurls its wings in all.
The span at times is small, but still its course
invokes a swirl acute enough to feel
beyond its origins--while still some winds
expand their reach, a raging tempest storm
does revel in its coarse unstable role.

I find myself rejoice in pinks sweet role,
as one by one its strength surpasses all.
It rains so pure so powerful--this storm--
that nothing can offset its steady course.
The touch so tender spread on gentle winds
instills a light of hope for all to feel

I see the truth beyond the way we feel
and I am quite uncertain of my role.
I watch the impact coursing on the winds
and I am thrown by how it hits us all.
I find myself entwined within each course
and still I somehow weather every storm.

I feel the remnants fester with each storm--
emotions role still lingers on its course--
the subtle winds on tap inside us all.

i’m not sure i’ll make it into the pub before last call. One because at this moment i’m typing away in the dark (smart me charged my laptop in anticipation of this possibility). if i’m lucky the power will return before Brian Miller make last call at dVerse~Poets Pub evening of Poetics.

anyway, this would be an issue if it hadn’t take all of yesterday to unearth my third eye. i continually pondered what i’d wish to see, but nothing felt right (or should i say write). then an idea popped along with (what became) the first line of this poem.

now technically i probably could have made it to the mic before things went dark and the candlelight was for more than just ambiance, but i heard within that first line a sestina in the making. (one would think after laboring over this week’s dVerse~Poets Pub FormForAll presentation of the sestina--which crazy me chose to write in iambic pentameter--i would have to be insane to give it another go.) one thing is for sure, should i give the sestina a go again meter is going out the window; the only thing that wears on my nerves more than rhyming and counting syllables is writing in strict meter.

so to be completely honest i have no idea if my hit the mark for my original intent with the whole third eye…nor whether i hit the mark on writing (did i mention i‘m mentally unbalanced) in iambic pentameter. truthfully i’m too tired to read it back over … plus i am pretty good at settling for so-so…or pathetic as the case may be.

if we are lucky i’ll make it in just before the stroke of midnight. this way less people will be likely to read this monstrosity and two i’ll stop contemplating the idea of presenting it for OpenLinkNight should i remain in the dark past the witching hour.

(on a side note: sounds are much freakier in the dark by the flicker of candlelight.)

even though i missed the deadline i included all the links in case anyone feels like checking out all of the amazing poets who took up the Poetics challenge or if you'd like to learn more about the sestina form.