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Thursday, January 6, 2011

0 Self-Doubt Exit Left

Three!  In one day?  He shook his head at the thought.  His grip on the steering wheel tightened as he let the truth of his overactive imagination.  He gritted his teeth, as he pushed the negative thoughts aside.  Yes!  Three in one day!  He nodded in agreement with his statement.  I'm worth that.  If not more.  His gripped loosened; his teeth unclenched.  A sigh escaped his lips as the road before him came back into focus.  Somewhere deep within him he could feel the small spark of change begin.  His new years resolution to keep himself open to the possibilities that his self-deprecating self continually pounded into pulp was not going to be easy.  The moment he had made the pledge to himself to be less hard on himself and try to push past his fear and apprehensions about himself, he knew it would be a bumpy road.  But he needed to stop looking at the potholes in the road and focus on the other vehicles, the slew of exit and entrance ramps, the scenery that surrounded him, and possibilities that lay ahead.  Today he took his eyes off the road and looked at the signs and three was just the beginning.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 resolutions

i've decided this year not to make any resolutions.  i feel like a resolution is like setting myself up for failure.  they tend to be too big...too unobtainable.  resolutions are about goals and is easy to not meet a goal or object...even if you manage to make headway, it does not necessarily mean achieving.

so instead, i'm thinking of setting up some rules for myself.  i'm not really sure how to explain the difference between this and resolutions, except for that they don't have a specific measurable goal at the end.  they may together take the ultimate shape of a resolution, but they don't have the same accountability or ultimate failure factor.  yes, i may find that once in awhile i might break one of my rules, but we all break the rules once in awhile.  the key is to do the best to adhere to the not stray from the path.  Plus, breaking a rule is a small act.  Not meeting a resolution feels more monumental.   

thus far, i have only one.  i working on another...right now i'm in the midst of tearing apart from being a resolution to a rule.  we'll just have to wait and see how well that turns out.