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Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 haiku: Snow Kissed

snow kissed branches pose
for the camera they've donned
their poor man's toupee

tongue is stuck far out;
arms spread wide to winter's day;
just to be snow kissed

a colleague sent out an email yesterday about the 'beautiful day' and everything was snow kissed.  i loved the imagery it sparked...thus the theme for these two haiku.

pondering whether i should change "their poor man's toupee" to "their winter toupee"...for some reason i feel the need to include the season...but i think i'll let it stand as is for now..."snow kissed branches" and "a poor man's toupee" just popped out of my head at the start...connecting them was the trick.

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  1. snow kissed branches...lovely Haiku.You made me draw your picture clear in my mind :)
    added you in my blogroll