My newest adventure is underway. It has lead me to take up residency in a new blog,
Like the Feathers of an Arrow (affectionately known as LFA).

...don't open...don't throw away... is not disappearing completely (not yet),
but postings here will be limited.

Friday, June 14, 2013

9 Un-Spun Crazy

Life's been crazy—
each breath a luxury of late.  
Life's been crazy—  
no time to write or be lazy.
I long to once again create—  
spin words in hopes I might abate  
all this crazy.

they're exploring rondelets over at dVerse today.  it's been awhile since I last tested the waters of this form...really I just threw this together in a stolen moment of craziness (so those wondering will know I'm still alive)...hopefully it makes sense.