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Sunday, February 24, 2013

3 Time Capsule: Intoxication

Title:  Intoxication
Date:  07/29/01
Setting:  Life after college--summer between first and second post-college job
Form:  Free verse

As I opened the drawer
To put away my clothes
I found your shirt
folded neatly among my own
I paused
and sat back on my legs
I stretched out my hand
touching the fabric
suddenly I felt you near
I drew the shirt from its spot
held it up to my face
and I could feel your touch
gently brushing my cheek
breathing deeply in
I could taste
your soft sweet kiss
Clinging to your shirt tightly
I stood
Slowly with my eyes shut
so I might hold onto your image
I slipped out of my clothes
and into your shirt
I longed to feel you
against my bare skin
I spent the day cuddled
in your shirt
When night fell
I crawled into bed
still wrapped in your shirt
just so that I might
wake up next to you
And as I lay there
ready to drift off
I felt extraordinary
and amazing
And I knew
I was intoxicated
by you

Artifact I:  Original piece written in green pencil.