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Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 The Sound of the Train

Boarding Warning: If you like trains or are in the mood for a nice trip down the rails, i'd suggest stepping back on the platform and waiting for the next train.

when dVerse~Poets Pub presented the topic of trains for Poetics, my brain could not seem to steer clear of this memory...the prompt was probably meant showcase the beauty of trains, so please forgive me for boarding this train of thought...

The Sound of the Train

the night I got the call
a train of tears made a beeline for my cheeks
I recall uncertainty
as facts were still pulling in
a gleam of hope jumped the rails
as I leapt off at doubt station

he was a freight train
navigating the corridors
his destination not where he wished to be
he wore those headphones like a conductors hat
when they were on it was full steam ahead
mind the crossing arms and the flashing lights
still there was something quite valuable in the load he carried
if the right switch was thrown

Occasionally when the long day was done
he'd find his pull into my classroom
Through the years I have found
it is not just the goody two-shoe who steal your heart
but the troublesome ones that most brush off
the ones who put up blinders and plow on thru
those are the connections I love to make
where the tracks ahead of looked long, yet bumpy

With the light of day came the cold hard truth
and once again the tears began to run
on the tracks that ran through the center of town
those he walked his whole young life
the music he used to escape this world
as loud as always
had drowned out the sound of the train