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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

4 Worth


how long will I wait for someone
to show me my worth
before I except the truth

what is the truth?
I know the right answer.

Who says?
Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?

I says
that's who!

I know my worth,
yet still I wait for someone.

I can stare in the mirror
for hours on end
and still I wait for someone
to tell me I am beautiful.

Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says?

No one says
not a word either way.

I know it is what I see
what I believe
that is the truth,
but when silence haunts
the words I long to hear
is not so easy.

when the time finally comes
to except the truth
what evidence will I have
to see I'm worth it
to believe I'm beautiful.

First, this has been such a crazy week that i almost contemplated skipping this weeks stop at the dVerse~Poets Pub for OpenLinkNight. Second, i was quite lost on what to write about. So in a last ditch attempt not to miss this week, i checked out my most recent pom seed post (Batch #7) and found the first three lines of this poem tucked in one of my recent ramblings. Strangely in the back of my head was the Selena Gomez song Who seemed quite fitting.

Side note: I really need to work on this last minute business. I seem to be making it in just before closing the last several times.

Side-Side note: For those brave enough to listen to the recording, please pardon my singing.


  1. smiles....first, dont listen to any voice that tells you that you are not beautiful...we each carry beauty...but i think this is a question that many struggle with...and the waiting for someone to notice...nice write...

  2. i always say...better late than never..glad you made it to the pub and with a beautiful poem as well..and i second bri - we each carry beauty

  3. waiting on yourself to notice...I enjoyed this and could relate. thanks

  4. You know I totally get your feelings and I feel exactly the same way many times. And I don't think that ever goes away... We're human... It's part of us.... Touching poem....