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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3 Navigating Life

Navigating Life

It's amazing how easy it is
to get lost on autopilot;
walking through life half-asleep;
eyes open before the alarm rings,
yet not really open.

Time passes in the blink of an eye
and we don't even blink.

How did things get like this?
an internal GPS controlling every turn;
recalculating the best route
with every obstacle life throws across the path.

Time flies by without a care in the world
and we don't even seem to care.

It's amazing how easy it is
to get caught in the daily flow;
mindlessly making decisions;
forgetting who we are
and the destination we had planned.

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  1. ha nice....navigating life...not easy at true - if we're not careful, time just slips away in a stream of daily routine...well penned...can feel this..

  2. pilot is def not the way to takes intentionality...esp if you want to end up anywhere hear where you want to get

  3. That's so true.... some days I don't even remember what I had for breakfast... I mean, why? I'm going to have something really similar tomorrow and the next day... it all melts together...... and that makes time fly by so fast.... people forget what they are doing and forget their better senses... Life is like drivers on the highway, who are like sperm cells in a woman's reproductive system, they all have destinations, they all somewhere to be, but at that moment, as they drive down that highway the only thing important to them is THAT THEY BEAT THAT G____MN BLUE SUBARU! As though there is some huge egg to be fertilized at the end of the highway and they BY GOD are gonna' be the first ones to get there! Some day's I want to stick my head out the window and just yell "You're not sperm anymore!" But I'm sure that the guys with butterfly nets will not be far behind me... But so true young lady, the only guidance we have in life are those white dashed lines on the highway... We're all a bunch of sheep...... Loved your voice!