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Friday, August 17, 2012

2 Can I Have This Dance?: Resolve

Artist:  Dashboard Confessional
Album:  Dusk and Summer
Genre:  Alternative & Punk

Notes:  Honestly, I'm not really sure how I went from this week's CIHTD? song choice to the poem below.  I suppose there are some parallels:  lungs and resolve.  But beyond that....?

I will also take a moment to admit that I'm not sure if I was able to express what I wanted to say (or that it even makes sense).  Though I'm not sure I could do much better if I tried.  Oh well....

Buried deed--
hidden in the recesses of my mind--
lies a strength I wish I could deny.
It festers,
inciting a battle within me
when I so long to simply give up.
Lungs stutter
while my jaw clenches and my eyes close
fighting against an onslaught of tears.
Such turmoil
would keep an ordinary person
down...yet here I continue to stand.
Worst of all
this unwanted strength breeds hope, as well,
opposing my desire to just be
rid of it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1 Time Capsule: --The world of tomorrow

Title:  --The world of tomorrow
Date:   between 02/19/01 and 03/26/01
Setting:  Life after college--during first post-college job
Form:  Free Verse

The world is an ever-changing storm
with its calm, its thunder, its whirlwinds
crashing down on society in an unfriendly nature
The roots of society are being torn away
ripped from the ground leaving seeds in their place
with little guidance to become healthy and strong
The future saplings are being hit hard
blindsided by misdirection as clouds pester the sun
leaving little light to shine on their dismal garden
The soil which once stood firm
nourished with morals, values and faith
is being tested with the strength of the pounding rain
What shall become of tomorrow

Notes:  I think by this point the smile that seemed to always grace my face throughout the halls was beginning to fade; the frustrations leading toward a feeling of hopelessness and bringing forth a slightly cynical view of the world.  I believe this was part of the reason I departed this job; I needed to shake things up...maybe find something more encouraging in starting afresh.  I'm not sure it helped when during the first year in a new place I started and finished a collection of poems entitled Teacher's Insomnia.

Based on the artifact you'll see below, it is possible that I had thought to name this Today's Children, but since my next poem was called Tomorrow's Adults I figured I either thought the two titles too similar or, Today's Children was the beginning of the inspiration (and potential title) of the poem the poem that followed this one.  Anyway, eventually I gave it a name.  Most of the poems that did not have a title at the start ended up being titled later with the dash in front to denote that fact.  I don't know about the final title, but it is what it is.

Artifact I:  Original write; not on the side that at the time I considered this psycho-babble.