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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

18 Last Call: Addiction


I place my hand upon your chest,
touch my own and magic.  Pressure
within evaporates as our
rhythms sync.  It is so easy
to lose myself in all we are.

I feel your eyes--that steady gaze--
skim across my everything and
I melt.  Sensations strum throughout
harmonizing with the beat of
our hearts.  I lose myself in us.

I breathe you in.  Your essence runs
rampant--saturates my blood 'til
I'm flying high.  You're my controlled
substance--always there to help me
escape.  With you I lose myself.

I had the pleasure today of sitting through a two and a half hour training on gangs awareness.  Along with learning way more than I ever wish I had to know about gangs, the presentation touched on narcotics.  It was a very informative morning. --  So while I wrote half the first stanza prior to the training, the rest came afterwards.  I guess the meeting stuck a bit too well in my subconscious.

A Structure Aside:  I attempted a staggered meter for each stanza--iambic / trochee / iambic / trochee /iambic.  There are a couple of iffy spots, but it was an interesting experiment.

The above poem was inspired by Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>beat, pressure, substance].  I you get a chance, check out what some wonderful writers were able to do with these three words.  

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.  


  1. If you didn't note it was about narcotics and addiction, I would have said what a sensual write ~ Addiction can be a good or bad thing, it just depends on its source ~

  2. If you didn't note it was about narcotics and addiction, I would have said what a sensual write ~ Addiction can be a good or bad thing, it just depends on its source ~

  3. you are my controlled does have a sensual edge to it...and works that way...but drugs also have that sexiness...the allure to draw people in...

  4. Addiction comes in many forms...well written.

  5. Wow, love the idea of losing oneself in someone else, as in your write. Such sensuality in this write.

  6. I like how this works at two levels, both as a love poem and as a tale of an uglier type of addiction.

  7. Yes! Another can be an addiction. Love how you put that to pose.

  8. Curiously being so in love with someone, you do imagine you are one person and to touch them intimately is no different to touching yourself. Lucky are those to have this experience of such belonging that you clearly have

  9. This was a poem i could linger with for a long time

  10. this is a beautiful, sensuous poem and I love it. As Chris suggested, I could come back to it many times and feel the same. It struck a chord.

  11. What a potent piece of writing..(and wonderful to hear you read it)..almost like an ode to a lover..when of addiction 'you' are always alone..and powder a false love..Jae

  12. Yep. One of the best drugs around.

  13. I really like the entire thought here, but my favorite part is:
    "I lose myself in us." Such a great poem!

  14. 'you are my controlled substance'
    oh yes - such a love!

    i can feel the gang influence, your poem hums like an engine.

  15. really excellent piece. Love the tone and theme, really consistent throughout. Great read. and really nice job reading as well. Thanks

  16. really great write and i love your reading!

    a nice addiction to have!