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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 One Night, No Regrets

she wore the taint of last night's escapade
with pride
crumpled clothes; missing unmentionables
an accolade
she could have primped and preened
plausible deniability
washed her face; reapplied makeup
make pretend
instead she walks the walk openly
and willingly
the sway of her hips; the blush of her cheeks
tell all
she meets the eye of  all she passes
and smiles
savoring every minute; tasting every sweet moment
over again
when she looks back on this night, it shall be
with no regrets

wasn't really sure at first what i wanted to do with today's Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>plausible, taint, willingly]. my first thoughts were a bit negative; i mean can you really turn taint into something good?  but then...  so instead the first line popped on my drive home (where i do most of my good thinking) and i thought how well i could twist it to fit Poetic Asides' Wednesday Poetry Prompt.  thus after a little finger tapping and some idea twisting, inspiration took form...


  1. And you've done so well in giving us this poetic tale.

  2. Great!! Could imagine each and every expression of her face!! Nice! :)

  3. Yea, never apoligize. A saucy little piece. Well done.

  4. Your lady really does write her own ticket - and that was a very cool interpretation of the prompt.