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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 Connections


I wonder how your brain works
how you connect things
like organized chaos
you bring words together
a symphony
of the oddest thoughts and ideas

I wonder what the world sounds like to you
how you see connections
with instinctive knowledge
you bring music to life
a painting
of the most unique tones and texture

I wonder how your eyes take in their surroundings
how you hear connections
through inconsistent cohesion
you bring images together
a poem
of the most intriguing subjects and structure

this little ditty came from out of nowhere...though not really.  i am often amazed and awed by the extraordinary talent that walks through the doors at dVerse~Poets Pub...maybe more so with the fact that the giant shepherd's hook hasn't dragged me from the stage yet.  thinking of those individuals brought the first verse quite naturally from my pencil.

upon recording, i felt like it didn't quite it needed something more.  (it really is amazing how things can sound one way in your head and another when you speak them.)  so i thought to add:
I wonder how I might be able to
as seamlessly as you
but after pondering this verse and whether the middle three lines needed more, i decided to give the original poem another read (aloud).  what i discovered was that a change in my tone could easily give it a complete feel.  of course now i have this extra verse and am not sure if i should include it or leave it out.  so for now i think i'll let it stand as is.

this is my contribution for tonight's OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub.


  1. I love this, rmp. How cool to hear you read it, too! I especially like the fast pace you used while reading the first line of each stanza and then slowed down to give us time to savor each thought there-after. nice job! And just an FYI...I don't think they even own a Shephard's hook at the Pub ;)

  2. i like it without the addition...i ponder these things often when i see people...wanting to see their perspectives...nice would never get shepherd hooked...smiles.

  3. This is so wonderful and very fast. A great poem thank you for sharing

  4. Very logical way of going about it, even educational for others to try out. Beautiful poem!

  5. Love the conciseness, yet can also see adding the other verse, giving a breath of attention there.

  6. I think the very best ditties come from "nowhere" which is actually somewhere very very special -- the artist's soul. I love when they come up quick and mysteriously like this!

    Wonderful write.

  7. I really like this poem, I can relate to this so much... almost as if I wrote it because of similar thoughts I have. :) Very nice!