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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

8 Graffiti'd: Tagged Walls

Graffiti'd: Tagged Walls

they left their tag
a spray of brilliant colors
splashed across my body
a reminder of sorts
that they looked upon my cool exterior
and saw potential--possibilities
no matter that no one else seemed to see it
no matter that I refused to explore it
they saw the light within the darkness
covering me from head to toe
leaving their mark everywhere
save their true target
the one untouched surface
longing to be exposed
but too well protected by these walls
surrounding my heart

i'm coming in under the wire here. but my mind has not been so cooperative. dVerse~Poets Pub is about to make its last call for OpenLinkNight.  but it seems i like to wait 'til the pub's amazing collection of poetry patrons have left for the night or are too tired to keep their eyes open to watch me unearth another creation.


  1. you just slipped in before the doors closed...smiles and i enjoyed reading your verse with my good morning needs good eyes to see the light within the darkness, the possibilities and potential hidden under the exterior...made me think of "the little prince" by antoine de saint-exupéry who says we only see good with our heart..

  2. 'no matter that no one else seemed to see it
    no matter that I refused to explore it'

    That second part will get you every time, I really enjoyed your approach through tagging the walls.

  3. oh man...nice turn inward there in the have to protect that heart....cant believe i missed this has been great seeing you back around the pub recently and i hope all the more int he coming year!

  4. nice..enjoyed the re-read..made me think of de saint-exupéry again

  5. This can be interpreted in so many ways.

  6. I get a sense of feeling used and longing for love, but afraid.
    Nice write!

  7. I think this is a terrific poem. It felt as though you had peeled back layers of yourself, at last willing to expose yourself in all your colors and textures to be examined after keeping them hidden for so long. Brave write. Deserves a Favorite Star!