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Wednesday, October 31, 2012



make-up artists craft
false appearances of
sallow for Halloween fun

"every surface is a canvas."

So Halloween has officially been postponed to Monday, November 5th. Still I figured I couldn't let it pass without a mention. I have entwined it within...yes, you guessed it...I mean what else am I going to do on the last Wednesday of the month,but...a clarity pyramid.

I did have an alternative for the last line, while I figured it fit the form better, the above seemed to better fit the poem itself.  The alternative:  "inspiration on canvas."  Who knows...maybe I'll change my mind.
Additional inspiration cones this week from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=false, illustrate, sallow]. Check out how some of the other talented writers employ these three simple words.


  1. ha every surface is a canvas....i painted my sons face last night for part of his get up...did not realize halloween was postponed?

    1. yes, postponed. unless you're costume included a wetsuit or chest waders, Sandy left the streets quite unfriendly for rick-or-treaters.

  2. Bonfire's night - over here at least..I love your post scripts it always leaves me thinking about how you 'paint' as well as enjoying what you have created..Jae

  3. this is great. love the entire piece, as to how it all builds to the amazing quote. Nicely done.

  4. Great poem and so true.
    I'm sorry that Sandy devastated where you are. We were lucky we suffered from some wind and rain but got very little damage since our city is in a valley. but itdevastated my sisters' areas. They aren't as bad as NYC or NJ mostly trees down at my one sis' since they live two blocks from the lake and the other had some storm surge from the ocean though in New Brunswick.My heart goes out to all those who suffered from this storm. I hope you are yours is okay.

  5. Every surface is indeed a canvas, whether for the costume of daily life, or for Halloween...whenever it is celebrated. Hope all is well with you!