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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2 Time Capsule: Dr. Jekyll's Syndrome

Title:  Dr. Jekyll's Syndrome
Date:  between 04/07/92 and 01/28/93
Setting:  Junior year of high school
Form:  Free verse
A man calls out,
Not to his wife or siblings,
Not to his mother nor any loved one. 
A man calls out,
Not to God or the angels,
Not to the heavens or the sky. 
A man calls out,
Not to the devil or hell,
Not to fire nor blood. 
A man calls out,
Not to anything visible,
But to his mind—
That continues to bind him;
to a personality not his own,
to a soul he does not want. 
A man calls out,
‘Free me from this unholy bond.’
Then sets himself aflame,
In a monstrous rage.
Notes:  In my first Time Capsule post, I made mention of this particular poem. As part of a culminating activity during a unit on poetry in English class, each member of the class was asked to share one of their poems on a blank sheet of white paper. We then all sat around in a circle, passed the poems around, and comment on them. As I mentioned during my first Time Capsule post, I had passed two poems around. This is the second one (even though it had been written the year before and not during the lesson).

Artifact I: The results of sending my poem around the circle of classmates.


  1. dang...having worked with those with mental illness, this is all too real...and hard...and ultimately self destructive but when you have no other answers that is where you will turn at times...

  2. Great poem and you have more moxie than I to share this with a group of strangers who could mock you right to your face - and they wouldn't dare with a poem this good.