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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

14 Last Call: Full House--Multiples Increase with IVF

two of a kind = a vacant house
a pair -- no more,
but still
to ante up.
After the first flop
concern stirs within
as eyes too focused on the turn
almost miss
the tiny embryos of hope
planted there
forcing an all-in praying that the river
unearths a winning hand --
three of a kind.

Doubling "down" again this week with Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>focused, pair, vacant] and dVerse Poets Pub ~ OpenLinkNight.


  1. I really like this
    It started with me thinking you where going in a different direction.
    Love the ending.

  2. its fun...scary at times even to bet on that river, but it can def help...ha...i am not great at poker...

  3. i like the embryos of hope as this expands this out into metaphor as well..smiles.

  4. Speaking my language...I do enjoy some T Hold 'Em. :-) Really enjoyed the use of metaphor here...nice work.

  5. metaphorically speaking...p-p-p poker face...loved it..thanks.

  6. You've done it once again--what an original perspective, very well done!

  7. So much feels like it' comes as haphazardly as a turn of a card..but it is a science..of hope and mechanics..

  8. This was a fun read. The beginning could be a great writing prompt. It took my mind in so many directions, none of them the same as your ending. Loved it.

  9. Wonderful - great use of poker metaphor - that's what *she* said.

  10. that embryos of hope are a wonderful image in this..

  11. What a delight to read this positive take on creativity; and such creativity in the choice of words.

  12. Ha! Almost the flipside of what i wrote. I didn't peek, promise!