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Friday, January 11, 2013

4 CIHTD?: The Trouble Is

Title:  All About the Love
Artist:  Sister Hazel
Album:  20 in 10:  Digital Collection
Genre:  Rock
The Trouble Is
The puzzle lays scattered about the table;
brilliant shades of pink collecting dust
wait patiently for fingers to turn them over
and over and over and over searching for
the perfect fit.  Piece after piece yields nothing.
The candle light flickers with only my shadow;
an all consuming darkness shapes my form--
perpetually moving--lost in a sea of golden hues
threatening to swallow me whole with just the slightest
ill placed breath.  Sigh after sigh, my silhouette distorts.
The world just laughs knowing there's no perfect fit.
The sun refuses to shine knowing it too will cast
a solo shadow across the emptiness of my spirit.
And so here I sit waiting and waiting for enough.
Notes:  I first thought to name the poem Enough; even had it set before the first words spilled.  I hit the second to last line and I just couldn't make the connection.  So I glanced back at the song and the second line sparked the a new title.  The problem of course was that I still felt there needed to be something more to the poem.  And so the last line sprung up until "waiting and waiting."  Still I felt like I need to say what was being waited on, which is where enough crept back in.  I'm not sure about it.  I hear its meaning and understand its intent (particularly as it relates to the song), but I'm not certain it makes sense on its own or outside of my head.  Of course that won't stop me from employing it nonetheless.


  1. Commendable patience!

    When I was young my parents gave me a box of cornflakes and said it was a jigsaw puzzle.

  2. is there ever enough...i wonder, and i wonder as well if we fool ourselves into thinking there ever will be....if we will ever complete the puzzle

  3. i think we don't ever complete that puzzle..our world is such an imperfect world, sometimes a few pieces seem to make sense..others never.. i try to embrace life in its incompleteness..sometimes so difficult..

  4. I think the puzzle metaphor is great... and the last stanza very effective, powerful.