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Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Can I Have This Dance?: How much darker will it get?

Title:  Keep Believing
Artist:  Ryan Shupe and the Rubber
Album:  Brand New Shoes
Genre:  Rock

How much darker will it get?
The dawn taunts--just out of reach.
This resolve buried deep within holds strong
waiting for the light to flourish from the outside in,
but how much longer can it possible last?
There is no nightlight here.
Lost in the dark, dreams take hold--
an endless pattern of magic, love, angels,
family, friends and miracles.
But this fight within longs for dreams
to end and reality to see the light of day. 


  1. wow tight verse...and felt as well...wanting dreams to break up that reality....your title make me chuckle too...because i was chaperoning a dance tonight...smiles.

  2. Haunting...provocative, dark seduces in a scary way.