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Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 Lies Hidden in Certainty

Do not fall prey
to his quick words
spoken in a tone
of absolutes
for nestled deep
within his fast
reply lies truth-
less facts.

Note:  My father has--in his infinite wisdom--taught me that when someone asks a question if you answer quickly with confidence in your voice, whether it's truth or not, they will believe you.  He does not use this trick with malice and often if you wait long enough his facial expression will give it away. 

This is my Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>absolute(s), fall, nestle(d)] inspired piece for the week.  If you get a chance, check out how some other talented writers twist these words into life.


  1. I am always impressed when I see how well actors pull off their roles - after all, they are the consummate 'liars'....I stink at it, and the less you lie, the less you can or want to!

  2. This can sometimes be known as 'sharp repartee', and is oft times admired.

  3. I like the positioning of that seems absolutely key..Jae

  4. This is good! We are so easily fooled . . . I'm partial to near rhymes, so I really like the way "fast" and "facts" sounds on the tongue. Very nice.

  5. Not only is it true, you have melded the three prompts together very smoothly.

  6. Nice poetry and true. I always believe the deceivers get deceived in the end.

  7. yes sometimes we get sucked in but if we listen we can hear the lies.