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Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Can I Have This Dance?: Undo

Title:  Unlove Me
Artist:  Julie Roberts
Album:  Julie Roberts
Genre:  Country

      Hit rewind on us
unravel that which we built
make it such that it never was

I can't bare the absence
      of your arms
My heart strings can't take
      the loss of yours
Imagined dreams wreak havoc
      on my mind
  for there's a void now
  where once you were
      Hit rewind on us
  unloose this hold
  untie these strings
  undream these dreams
make it such that it never was
      just unlove me


  1. wow hard emotions in this...and if only we could rewind and forget but...really cool way to look at it though....felt...

  2. ugh...and we all know there's no rewind button in life...although it would be nice sometimes if there was one...tough emotions in this...felt pain