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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


faux pas 
wrong doing 

my foolish blunder 
begs for sweet mercy 
to swipe its great eraser 

"relish learning from your mistakes."

ahh...the clarity poem tradition lives on...  for a short time, i was not sure i'd be able to manage it with this weeks Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>foolish, mercy, relish].  first it was an insanely busy day and my brain was not in the right frame of mind.  i stared at the words for a while trying to make a connection...something...anything...  finally i ask someone what the three words reminded them of.  first i got 'love'...sweet, but it didn't really do anything for me.  then i got squander.  i toyed with that for a while, 'cause well...squander just sounds like a cool word.  but trying to figure out how to put the 3WW together in a clarity poem with 'waste/squander' a third long forgotten word was next to impossible.

like always though, my best thinking happens in the car after i leave work.  i'm not sure the exact train of thought, but the word, mistake, came to mind...and from there...well you've already read what that inspiration wrought.  in the end, i think it came out okay...


  1. Love the opening does read like a train of thought at the end of the day..all processed and neatly bundled up..until the next day! Jae

  2. Yes, RMP, this came out okay. I think better than okay. Bitter-sweet, just like life.If it wasn't for the mercy eraser, where would we be?

  3. Those who don't learn from their mistakes will repeat them, eraser or not.