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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 to start a movement

an idea
people can get excited about


to make a fool of oneself

are at the foundation

but two more keys exist

a public forum and a nurturing nature

if no one sees your inspiration
how can you inspire?


once you hook someone
once you get that first
very crucial follower
how do you keep them hooked?

to tip the scales
to turn the lone crazy wolf howling at the moon
into a strong pack of confident wolves
inspiration and bravado must be passed on
for it is the first follower who makes a leader
who opens the door for more followers
and in turn
starts a movement i saw Poetic Asides' "Two for Tuesday" prompt to (a) write a leader poem or (b) write a follower poem and well i couldn't help but think of a TEDTalks video (How to start a movement:  Derek Sivers) i saw a while back and have since used with a cohort of teachers and students (elementary and secondary) as part of a 21st Century Skills in the Classroom Initiative.  (the course, the second in the series, is called Unlocking Technology through Leadership.)  anyway, the poem above kind of hits both aspects of the prompt.

the above piece is also being shared via One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday.


  1. start a movement...and Yes, now do you keep them hollowing at the moon you placed before them...that is always the question...bkm

  2. A fine balance there. I think you have hit the whole social networking ball of wax right on the head with this piece.

  3. That first follower will have to be very brave. I think they must be sure in their own belief, to bring more followers. Though, if the first follower allows other to corrupt the beliefs for their own purpose, the wolf is better to sit alone while howling. To show bravado, does not make it false bravery. If the first follower closes the door so that others can't enter--a sign of how much the movement may scare the powers to be? Is it time to howl louder or longer?

    ‘Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.’
    Margaret Mead

  4. nice...a few thoughts...why do you want a follower, do you have a destination worth traveling to, so you got one what do you do with them, why do you need them, why do they need you and if you want to keep them you better love them more than yourself...

  5. You sum it up nicely. Where does the initial inspiration come from-that's the difficult part!

  6. I like this. It is the first follower who makes a leader is so very true. Although, I must disagree with Brian about the loving others more than yourself suggestion - that is dangerous for a people pleaser like myself :)