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Monday, April 25, 2011

0 unraveling prosody...

one would think that after torturing myself with anapest i would stay as far away from dactyl, but no.  (where's my monkey wearing his top hat and carrying his pocketbook when i need him?)  anyway, today One Stop Poetry's Form Monday continued its exploration of prosody.  after toying around with feet that end with a stress and feet that begin with a stress, i wonder why is it i always seem to want to end the first with two syllable words were the stress falls on the first half and why do i find myself itching to make each of the latter masculine?  (if you followed that last question, i'd be impressed...)  so below is my pitiful attempt at dactyl.  i did vary the length of the lines and i'm sure that it probably could be read with stress place all willy-nilly, but i've marked them the way that i hear (and feel i would speak) them.  

additional inspiration came from Poetic Asides' Challenge to "write a falling poem."


falling tears splatter like blood on a wounded soul
finally everything crashes in
pulling me
tearing me
fraying my edges and threatening all I am
will I unravel before I can find my way?

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