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Friday, August 10, 2012

2 Can I Have This Dance?: Rape (of Innocence): Wash Away the Pain

Title:  Holy Water
Artist:  Big & Rich
Album:  Horse of a Different Color
Genre:  Country

Notes:  Okay, so I may have cheated a little this week.  I wrote the first line of this poem without any song in mind.  After writing it--uncertain of where I wanted to go with it--thinking it a little close to a recent line, "senses flare with every breath we share,"  especially since the original write of the line said we instead of they...(is anyone else lost?)...

Anyway, after thinking about were this line might lead, I thought of an old poem I had written which was based on the song choice for this week.  The poem Rape (of Innocence) was written quite some time ago based off a Three Word Wednesday prompt [3WW=>abstain, halo, prayer]; my second poem inspired by this amazing community.  I later followed it up with Rape (of Innocence):  Memories Unraveled--a poem inspired from One Shoot Sunday; my first venture into the One Stop Poetry community--though it no longer exists, the poets (including myself) have found a new hangout over at dVerse Poets Pub.  (did I loose myself again?)....  Anyway....with a little bit of contemplation, I realized that this line had the potential to explore the next stage of the original.  I have included the original as a point of reference.

A (Form) Aside:  The first poem is related to the haiku (though much older), sedoka.  Since there is not much on the sedoka out there, I can guarantee that I employ it as it was meant to be, but during my first introduction to the form, it was said that each stanza could be a poem in and of itself.  Yet what interested me the most and probably why it tends to be one of my favorite forms (besides the fact that you don't have to worry about meter or rhyme) is because the two stanza address the same topic from different points of view.  I think that kind of adds a neat dimension to the poem.

The second poem--today's poem--is a monotetra.  Truthfully every time I think of this form, I feel as though it is meant to be upbeat.  This poem is definitely not.  But there is nothing that says the topic has to be fun.  This is my second attempt at writing in this form.

Rape (of Innocence)
the tarnished halo
marred by his need for power
lies next to the one he stole
she kneels down in prayer
searching for answers and peace
robbed of her choice to abstain

Rape (of Innocence): Wash Away the Pain
Each breath they share awakens fears.
Old pains—unwanted souvenirs—
infiltrate defenses like spears.
oh how it sears! oh how it sears!
His words unwittingly transport,
inciting dread. As thoughts contort,
emotions blooming now distort.
no words can thwart! no words can thwart!
How long can he just hold her hand?
He’ll never truly understand,
but still he whispers love so grand.
remove the brand! remove the brand!
She craves his touch to ease her woe
and help her fight this phantom foe.
She longs to finally let go.
the tears must flow! the tears must flow!
His gaze reveals a truth so real;
their love has started to steel
the terror. Soon his kiss will heal.
once more she’ll feel! at last she feel!


  1. that is pretty cool...first...i love big & rich...also i like the form...interesting repetitions at the end of each line and nice expansion on the shorter version...

  2. Poignantly beautiful piece. Nice exploration here--I like how you have styled this.