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Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 Rape (of Innocence): Memories Unraveled

Images of that night flash before me
a memory twisted through time
seen through a tinted window
stained in the pastel colors of my innocence
stepping through the broken threshold
of the small wooden structure
transports me into a world of dreams
stone walls of a castle envelope me
with arms outstretch i twirl in circles
marveling at the finery that surrounds
the hearth lit crimson by the burning embers
i fall back on the ornate four post bed
winded from the excitement that threatens to explode
drawing in a breath, my eyes close on the perfect world
tears squeeze past closed lids
as the earth begins to quake beneath me,
above me, and all around me
in those few short moments
time passes like an eternity
stars whiz by in the heavens
as the fires of hell reach up trying to consume me
i'm catapulted back to the here and now
once again surrounded by the wooden structure
the tinted window has been replaced
stained with harsh colors of my lost innocence
time has unraveled the hidden memories
as images of that night collide before me

photo by Sean McCormick

this poem took me on a journey i was not expecting...i tried to take a detour, but it steered me right back to the unexpected destination.  (entitled with respects to an earlier work, Rape (of Innocence).) 

inspiration for this poem comes from a new source (for me, that is).  One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with Sean McCormick].


  1. Powerful.

    I got carried along and felt the pain of innocence lost.

    Louise G

  2. oh this one carries quite the sting...the loss...i felt it...

  3. The sense of lost innocence is conveyed clearly through the palpable effect of your lines.

  4. The emotions are ripe. Time doesn't always make one forget... Really, a haunting poem.