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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Rape (of Innocence)

the tarnished halo
marred by his need for power
lies next to the one he stole

she kneels down in prayer
searching for answers and peace
robbed of her choice to abstain

still toying with sedoka...still don't feel as though I have hit the correct feel of this particular poetic form...but that won't stop me from trying or enjoying the creation process.  inspiration for this creation came from Three Word Wednesday.  [3WW=>abstain, halo, prayer]  First thought that came to mind upon seeing the words was Big & Rich's song Holy I went with it.


  1. I believe that the first stanza is the best, it truly reflects. Great work.

    The World of Lost Souls

  2. Very very powerful.. if only power understands..
    Liked it..

    Do visit me for a laugh if you wish to have one..Earlier to that is 3ww.

  3. One of my rules is on-the-spot writing...little to no editing after posting...

    ...but I'm itching to change the first like of the second katauta to 'hands folded in prayer'...