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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 From the Ashes

From the Ashes

surrounding walls protect like a double-edged sword
protection melds into suffocation,tarnishing every breath
desire swells sparking thoughts of freedom's flight
longing kindles within like a smoldering fire
but to put a match to this nest
to light this hearth on fire, burning down this cage
who's to say what will rise from the ashes
the mystical wings of the phoenix
the untapped beauty of Cinder-Soot
age old tales written of(f) by many
slanted, twisted and warped to suit one's fancy
who's to say what lies beneath
is true, unblemished, worthy of seeing the light
surrounding walls protect like a double-edged sword

i feel like there is an underlying theme in my poetry as of late...i suppose it probably speaks to my current state of mind...or lack there of.

i can't seem to break away from myself.  it would probably help if i forced myself to write more, but i am appear to be in a bit of a funk; so i really should be happy with the one poem (two if i'm lucky) a week thing i have going on.  after all it is better than nothing.

i'm thinking maybe i need to stop recording my voice for these OpenLinkNights.  one because i really dislike the sound of my is so not me.  i realize that most people to sound different when they hear their recorded voice, but i've actually had other people comment on how it doesn't sound like me.  two because i seem to have issues doing the recording at home and too often that is where (because i am a last-minute type of gal) i find myself putting on the finishing touches.

anyway...this is my weekly offering for the dVerse~Poets Pub.  if you haven't already been there to check out the talent individuals who walk through the pubs doors you may want to take a minute and see what they bring to the mic.


  1. walls can be both...protect and close in and it needs wisdom to decide which ones to burn...and sometimes we lie to ourselves..but if we are brave could be breath-taking beauty arising from the ashes

  2. our walls can certainly protect but also contain us....have felt that same trap takes work to break free but what a beautiful thing it can be...

  3. the refrain line perfectly pieced, lovely introspective thoughts in this ~ Rose

  4. Wow. I LOVE this ... especially "protection melds into suffocation"

  5. I know a lot about those walls, too.

    I have found writing my way through funks has helped me.

  6. This is deep and layered...I really enjoyed it. Good things come from the ashes, little gems, precious things of renewal.

    as for this issue of 'being in a funk'....that's pretty universal. Some days I think that I am just an imposter: no poet, no writer, with little chops, and a shaky talent.

    But what else can we do? We grow, as from the ashes, of our labors, and we do it...or should...first for ourselves. Follow the theme du jour and be happy that you have something to think about or write about. I do find that taking the emphasis off of troubles, pains, etc..and extending my eyes and energy into something historical, alien, different cultures gives me new blood. Just my attempts at writing poetry...sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

    You have a good ground here.

    Lady Nyo

  7. walls are wonderful, they could be used as positive tools or negative tools.

    brilliant piece on them.

  8. Happy Halloween.
    Thanks for being part of Jingle Poetry Community in the past,

    come visit us and share if you could.