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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

9 Fun House Mirrors

Fun House Mirrors

no one sees me
tin-foiled windows reflect
expected visions
while I cower deep within
terrified I might catch a glimpse
of my true self
by my makeshift mirrors

originally this was intended as a tanka tweet...the first two lines (ending with protect instead of reflect) popped into my head the other night, but i could not seem to pull my thoughts together. upon revisiting my words and their intentions, it grew well beyond what i had anticipated...far beyond 140 characters and the five-lined 31-syllable tanka.

so tonight...amazingly enough on Tuesday...i present my humble offerings for OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub.


  1. oh, fun house mirrors, they look enticing but after staring at the reflection you see for a bit it can feel strange and disorienting. I felt this come through in your words. I also enjoyed hearing you recite it. Great one - thanks for linking up at the Pub tonight :)

  2. Fun house mirrors, or the prisons we sometimes build around ourselves? Short, tight write--so well done.

  3. wow...effective...i think often how we view ourselves is through a fun house mirror as well...distorting what is really there...

  4. Mirrors can elevate us, mirrors can pull us down...

    a cross

  5. Wonderfully powerful messaging in its short delivery. Great write ~ Rose

  6. i think fleshing out what was originally a tanka really works here: still concise enough to present a single image, but long enough to capture the self-concept. nice write!

  7. excellent and so sorry did not make it here sooner I had a lot going on and now have a little time to come back and read some of the entries this week

  8. Some days I think I'd rather see the distorted mirrors...... :) Nice poem........