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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 When They Come

When They Come

imagine possessing the ability
to restrain the irrational unstable you
binding the fears
so as to reveal the real you

    when they come to take me away
    will the straightjacket be strong enough
    to protect me from my mind

imagine throwing the switch
on yourself
turning off the internal diatribe
keeping you from being you

    when they come to take me away
    will the current be powerful enough
    to disrupt the flow of thoughts preying on me

imagine locking yourself away
throwing away the key
finally containing the anxiety
coursing through your body

    when they come to take me away
    will the padded cell be firm enough
    to protect my mind from bombarding thoughts

imagine wishing you were one
of multiple personalities
protecting yourself
not from an external threat
but from the one residing within

    I just had a conversation with myself
    the men with the straightjackets
    must be salivating at the mouth

so last week was a fluke (breaking into the double digits).  i suppose stage fright has managed to weasel its way into cyberspace.  so, if i'm lucky i'll make my way into dVerse~Poets Pub for their sixth OpenLinkNight at around 145 joining a vast array of talented poets

the above string of verses is a little odd for me (which is saying a lot considering).  i admit i was originally at a loss for what to write about.  having recently posted a 'batch' of pom seeds (plus ramblings & tweetoetry), i had thought to use the seed, "what will become of me / when I squeeze / the last bit of ink / out of my veins."  i even wrote it down and pondered where it might take me, but strangely i was haunted by three ramblings (the first, third and fourth italicized stanzas above) from my recent last 'batch' post.  somehow they merged to into the above entity.

i must also admit, that i thought to do an accent with when reading the italicized stanzas.  i changed my mind to just reading it a bit softer.  then...i just couldn't help myself...i played with the effects on the four stanzas.


  1. Wow, heavy. I like the alternation of voices between stanzas. Interesting read, thanks for sharing.

  2. A fascinating look into that mind that wonders if it is sane. Like how the form works with your subject.

  3. If I know I'm going crazy then I must not be insane! It's been said so many times for a reason :) Thought this a brilliant weave, as we ramble through the inner dialogue of the subjects mind. Fantastic and fearsome imagery...and the other me is telling me I'm rambling (she's a little more to the point) I thought this most awesome!

  4. This one kind of gave me chills, especially the echoing voice. And, you have a lovely tone to your voice. Enjoyed your reading :)

  5. smiles...glad you are taking the stage more and the two voices in this as it def adds depth...oh the voices in my head...i think we can all relate on some level...

  6. thanks for the bday wishes as well..smiles.

  7. Really enjoyed the reading of this, the variation really allowed it to come fully within. A great examination ~ Rose

  8. I was a student nurse way, way back in ancient history, before they decentratized mental hospitals (about 1963.) I did my psych nursing at Patton State Hospital in CA. It had over 5000 patients. This was the time of electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, padded cells and jacket restraints. In other words, before the advent of psychotherapeutic drugs. This evoked that era for me.