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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6 Beneath the Veil

Beneath the Veil

your piercing gaze
disturbs my equilibrium
I teeter between who I wish you to see
and who I am beneath the surface

Normally what lies beneath is easy to conceal
so weighed down by fears
ladened with numbing anxiety
she rarely sees the light of day
yet you
with your piercing gaze
dive straight into my core
pushing down appearances
ripping aside the veil of smoke and mirrors
exposing her to the light

your piercing gaze
draws me to the surface
untethering me from my fears and anxieties
allowing me to see me through your eyes

my small offerings at the dVerse~Poets Pub for this week's OpenLinkNight

side note:  i'm not sure what it is about today's recording, but i listen to myself and can't help but laugh at me...


  1. It's so wonderful when someone pierces through our guise and truly sees us...even if it is scary at first. You've expressed this expierence well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. nice...and when we are able to let that veil down and feel comfortable...what a magical thing...nice write...

  3. wonderful expression,
    sometimes, it is cool to have someone help you realize your own identity.

  4. Lovely visual with the equilibrium (I can relate) and I like how you brought it full circle in the end.

  5. A lovely and complex poem.

    I enjoyed this change of pace.

    Lady Nyo

  6. divine. when this happens, when another sees you - your core it is
    amazing and liberating.