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Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 Capturing the Soul

her eyes drew in the scene from behind the camera
the sound of the shutter blocked out the noise around her
and she became entranced by what lay before her

the poise, the fluidness, the delicacy
of the beauty on the other side of the lens
entranced her, mystified her, rapt her

so engrossed by the sound of the camera
and the beauty it fraught to capture
she barely noticed the vibrant eyes' luster vanishing

once it caught her attention that was all she saw
with every click of the shutter
her eyes could see more clearly the absence of shine

when the photographer paused for but a moment
and the rhythmic sound of the shutter ceased
she noticed the beauty's striking resemblance to her own

drawing her hand away from her face
she gazed upon her translucent skin
just as the sound of the shutter recommenced

she watch as with every click of the shutter
the translucency faded into a opaqueness
until she found herself quite whole

once again she looked at the mirror image of the beauty
the eyes a blank soulless stare of blackness
she vaguely heard the shutter stop, the session end

as she was left, just her, gone was the vacant-eyed beauty
the photographer flipped a switch on the camera
submerging her into complete and utter darkness

she felt a strange glow behind her and spun
a movie sized window stood before her
the giant eerie smile of the photographer looked at her

"ah, my delicate precious flower,
you will be the perfect addition to my collection."
then came a click and she was engulfed by the darkness.

(photo by India Hobson)
i really think some of my most inspired ideas come while driving.  as is always the case, i was not sure how i might transform the photo challenge from One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with India Hobson].  and i won't go into detail, but be happy my first thoughts (which included a CSI photographer) were dismissed.  after the thought of soul stealing popped, i couldn't help but think back to the interview where the photographer had said she once thought "the 'soul' could be seen in a photograph."  how could this idea not be a perfect way to go after that?!?


  1. There is a sense of recognition through the subject—both beautiful and frightening. A fine poem.

  2. Everyone knows the camera captures your soul.

  3. Funnily enough it reminded me of a mix between Dorian grey and Poe! Loved the softness until the last few lines where a recognition of fate occurs