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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

7 make believe

she weave her tale like a pro
the intonations in her voice
the adamant gestures and facial expressions
so perfect
she draws you in to her peculiar story
with such skill and easy
with her amazing attention to detail
so real
she wraps you around her finger
so you forget it isn't real
so you buy in to her fabrication
she makes you believe
with every ounce of your being
with every single word she wields
she just three
but even i fall pray to her elaborate saga
of how fabric ate Adam Ant

forgive me for the end...the whole tale really.  though truth be told if i had been able to figure out how to break peculiar up into pieces it too would have made it in to her little tale...

i admit that i did try to avoid this idea.  tried putting something else together, but it got the best of me in the end and i had to put by the wayside...maybe i'll revisit it...or maybe i won't...only time will tell...

inspiration for this peculiar little piece comes from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>adamant, fabricate, peculiar]. 


  1. How charming! I know what you mean, I have a grandson of four whose tales would do justice to Stephen King or Tolkien.

  2. Make believe stories are the best ones..Jae :)

  3. The power of the imagination! And a child's earnestness--a combination no one can withstand. I liked it, RMP, and see nothing you should apologize for.

  4. very enjoyable story. i have met some really good story tellers myself- they tell the weirdest story in a way that you will think that they themselves believe them :)