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Friday, April 8, 2011

1 the last laugh

the cursor laughs at me
it sees my frustration--my agony
it watches me close my eyes
run my hands through my hair
then over my face as blank screen
stares back at me empty
the cursor mocks me--taunting me
with it monotone sound
and faultless rhythm
like a clock ticking
i want to reach in
grab it 'round the middle
and squeeze the laughter out of it
of course i can't
and it knows it
but what it doesn't know
what it can not see
is the smile that is building
inside of me
i want to mimic back
for it will not bully me
it's laughter will be put to shame
by the sinister one
soon to escape my lips
let laugh all it wants
for the last laugh will be mine
as shove the blinking cursor
around the page
and use its own taunt
to fuel my might fingers
and show that little cursor
he will not get the best of me

wasn't really sure how to make a sinister laugh...but i suppose 'hnn..hnn..hnn..hnn..hnn' will do.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you won your battle with the cursor (and the writer's block judging from your earlier post)

    When this happens to me I turn off the computer and grab my pen and notebook and scribble, doodle, whatever, until the words come...its hard to scribble and doodle with that darn cursor :)