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Monday, April 4, 2011

4 The Music Man

his calloused fingers strum a gentle tune
weaving a spell of musical delight
while his raspy voice croons a sultry song
whispering promises to make her swoon

the words he crafted are meant to ignite
a burning passion deep within her soul
through a weaved spell of musical delight

while his raspy voice croons a sultry song
he pours out his heart so he might feel whole
knowing deep down this love cannot be wrong

he whispers promises to make her swoon
words he crafted so her heart would ignite
revealing a love that could not be wrong
his calloused fingers strum a loving tune

i couldn't help myself...  with Poetic Asides' challenge to "pick a type of person and write a poem about him or her," i had to revisit "i'm waiting" and my music man.  i also felt the need to toy once again with the form i crafted in "indefinitely delayed."  as before, each line has ten syllables and six lines that each repeat once with two non-repeating lines following the pattern and rhyme scheme:  A1-B1-C1-A2 / B2-d-B1 / C1-d-C2 / A2-B2-C2-A1 (capital letters denote repeating lines).  occasionally a repeated line is tweaked slightly, but maintains the same general set of words.  i wasn't sure how well this non-form form would work again, but i think i kind of like the results.  if i really wanted to get fancy i'd pay more attention to syllabic stresses...but i toyed with that already today and am quite exhausted from it.

linked to OSP's One Shot Wednesday...just because i felt like it this week...


  1. smiles. i music holds a place deep within me...i can see the allure of music man...though i'd not mind a music woman...smiles.

  2. I like the way you wrote about how music can enthrall us...

    Here is my one shot:
    gost of a rose