My newest adventure is underway. It has lead me to take up residency in a new blog,
Like the Feathers of an Arrow (affectionately known as LFA).

...don't open...don't throw away... is not disappearing completely (not yet),
but postings here will be limited.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

0 before i go... ( #3)

tell me one more thing before i go
tell me deep inside yourself you know

i've been waiting for someone like you to come along
oh baby, how could a love like ours have gone so wrong

that's all i got at the moment...not much i know...but.right now that is all i hear...i'm not sure if the two couplets above belong adjacent or if something should fall inbetween…maybe more will come...maybe not...

the words above are an unfinished and unsung song.  they are my third adventure (at least on this blog) into writing lyrics...  so far i have yet to finish a single one of the three.  the bits and pieces i put together just float out there waiting to be made whole...

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